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Fitness, Wellness & Feng Shui

Fitness, Wellness, and Feng Shui…You probably haven’t seen these three words together very often , but as both a Fitness instructor/trainer and a Feng Shui Consultant/Expert, I am seeing more and more evidence of how these seemingly different “worlds” have so much in common, and are so intertwined. Fitness, Wellness and Feng Shui go hand-in-hand when we explore the subtle similiar nuances involved in all three.

Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.( Fitness is defined as Good health, especially good physical condition resulting from exercise and proper nutrition. ( Both Wellness and Fitness are about creating Healthy Bodies, and Minds, so that we have optimal Energy to get us through our everyday lives with ease. As the saying goes, without our Health, we have Nothing.

Feng Shui is defined as the art and science of balancing and aligning our environment with the goal of creating optimal Energy which flows with Ease, both in our physical spaces, and in our lives as well (Serenity By Design Feng Shui). Feng Shui is about creating “healthy” environments which support our goals and desires through balancing the 5 elements of nature, personalizing our spaces, and utilizing Conscious Design in our homes and offices.

Isn’t it interesting to see the parallels? Wellness, Fitness and Feng Shui all work with Energy Flow as the common denominator, and all seek to create good, positive, healthy, and balanced Energy as the outcome. Life-force energy, or Chi, makes up everything that is In and Around us: our physical bodies, our minds, our souls, our homes and our physical possessions- Everything and Everyone is comprised of Energy. The question then becomes: how can we make sure we are surrounding ourselves, and infusing our bodies with, positive, good, healthy Chi Energy?

Stay Tuned, my next blogs will explore this exact question, with Tips on Fitness and Feng Shui!

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