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I am often asked in my practice,

What does Feng Shui really DO, and why do I need it?

Great question! Here are some answers: 


  • Gives us more and higher quality of Energy

  • Creates Balance- in our spaces and our lives

  • Reduces Clutter- physical and mental

  • Enhances health and wellness

  • Activates positive change in all areas of life, including wealth

  • Allows us to have a clearer connection and understanding of what we truly value & desire in life

  • Allows us to flow more easily through our everyday lives

  • Allows us be more Conscious about our Environments

  • Creates Space- physically and energetically- for the things and experiences we wish to manifest into our lives

Feng Shui is, essentially, the art and study of how our external environment affects us internally, and vice-versa. The basic premise of Feng Shui is that the spaces where we spend our time have the ability to affect us on a variety of levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. Positive and balanced spaces can enhance our overall sense of well-being and happiness on all levels of our lives. Feng Shui works to align our environment with our inner selves, our goals, and our life path.    


Feng Shui, which literally means Wind and Water, has its roots and essence in is about the "seen" and the "unseen" forces in our world, and how we are affected by them.


It has been proven that everything in and around us is composed of Energy, or Chi. Energy is what makes up, surrounds and connects everyone and everything in our universe. When this energy flows in a positive and balanced way, it has an amazing and undisputed affect on how our lives flow and flourish as well.


I work with clients to not only help them create change in their spaces which are aligned with their personal dreams, desires, and goals, but I also teach them about Feng Shui concepts...Once you learn about Feng Shui, you will become more aware of your surroundings, your choices in what you bring into your spaces, and how you can change your overall "quality" of life by bringing change into your environment.


The goal of Serenity By Design is to help clients to create spaces which they truly love, and which "feel"  balanced, supportive, positive and happy!  By truly listening to what a client seeks in their overall living or working spaces, as well as what they desire in their lifestyle and personal goals, I can recommend design changes that will enhance not only the functionality and aesthetic of a space, but the energy flow and balance as well, resulting in a more harmonious environment in which to live and work.


Whether you are planning a new build, an extensive re-model, or simply adjusting the energy in subtle ways, we can help you create a beautiful relaxing and serene space, aligned with your highest intentions for your goals, lifestyle, or business...Whether your space is residential or commercial, large or small, Feng Shui will help transform your environment for positive energetic flow.


You Are Invited

To Learn how Feng Shui can help YOU...

  Start with a complimentary phone consultation to determine if you are ready for a Positive Energy Shift with Feng Shui! 


Call:  949-533-9420






Feng Shui Five Element Theory

                        FENG SHUI

Chinese tradition holds that there are five elements, which are thought of as the building blocks of energy and Life itself....the underlying premise is that symbols based in nature can help us to better understand the World around us. Feng Shui theory holds that there must be a BALANCE among and between these Elements so that Energy flow is positive, moving, and "breathing" in a Space.


The Five Elements in Feng Shui are:

  EARTH The element Earth is associated with 
loyalty, stability, community, and the ability to nurture both self & others.   
  FIRE The element Fire is associated with joy, excitement, activity, and warmth. 
 METAL The element Metal is associated with discipline, restraint, structure, morality, and objectivity.       
  WATER The element Water is associated with wisdom, intuition, vision, and emotional 
  WOOD The element Wood is associated with creativity, growth, expansion and open-mindedness.  


The Bagua Map

Feng Shui Bagua Map

The Bagua Map in Feng Shui shows how energy flows and "pools" in a space. Each "gua" or section of the map correlates to a specific area of our life, and by using certain Feng Shui design techniques, colors, and elements, we can enhance those life guas which we want to energize, activate, or even calm.

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