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Welcome to the  exciting, creative, expanding and expansive, provocative and always interesting "experience" of Feng Shui, where the goal is to create positive energy around us which allows us to Relax in Mind, Body, & Spirit...


 Serenity By Design works  with "westernized" Feng Shui and Evidence-Based design,  while still being true to the traditional, age old principles and concepts of this art and science which originated thousands of years ago in ancient China.


 Serenity By Design works with clients to not only help them create change in their spaces and in their Lives, but to  also teach them about Feng Shui concepts...Once you learn about Feng Shui, you will become more aware of your surroundings, your choices in what you bring into your spaces, and how you can bring change into your overall quality of life by bringing change into your environment.


To share a bit about me, Donna Hunnicutt:

 Essentially, I LOVE creating, designing,

staging, and re-designing spaces that are

personalized, yet incorporate subtle

Feng Shui prinicples which allow for

balanced, positive energy flow!


I am a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, through The Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego (2002), and am a member of The International Feng Shui Guild.  I also have a Marketing MBA from Pepperdine University. In addition, I am a residential real estate consultant (since 1999), stager, and marketing consultant in Orange County, CA.


I have an extensive background in the fields of spa/fitness and wellness, spatial design/interior decorating, home staging, sales & marketing management, public speaking,training, & workshops, hospitality, and real estate. I have an intutive sense for color, design, and environmental balance.


I practice very "practical", down-to-earth, logical, sensical Feng Shui, working with design choices (color, texture, elements, arrangement) versus Feng Shui "cures"(such as money frogs, red envelopes, etc)...with that being said, Feng Shui can be very symbolic, subliminal, psychological, and spiritual, depending how "deep" one wishes to go in really exploring the nuances involved in "Conscious Design".  I let my clients guide me with this very personal choice, and I work with them on whatever level they are comfortable with. 


Lastly, my enthusiasm and absolute passion for transforming ordinary spaces into beautiful and relaxing ones is contagious, and I am able to motivate and inspire my clients to move forward with creating change in their environments...By truly listening to what a client seeks in their overall living or working spaces, I can recommend design changes that will enhance not only the functionality and aesthetic of a space, but the energy flow and balance as well, resulting in a more harmonious environment in which to live and work.


So join me on this adventure to a more prosperous, peaceful, creative, and serene life, through Feng Shui!



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