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~Synergy By Design~

Offering Customized Corporate Consulting/Project services which physically and energetically transform the conventional workplace/office space into a powerfully motivating environment which encourages optimal productivity and focus, as well as promoting employee feelings of overall enhanced well- being.

What typically comes to mind when you hear the term "Wellness Program"?

Fitness and nutrition challenges, health fairs and medical screenings ...

But how often do we include our physical surroundings and work environments

in the Wellness discussion?  Even though we spend most of each week in these

spaces? Even though these spaces can significantly affect, positively or negatively,

our everyday health, energy, wellness, productivity- and ultimately, our goals?

As the "trend" around Wellness Programs continues to grow, it is crucial to recognize that our physical Spaces, and how they are designed, have a significant impact on our emotions, our energies, our thinking, and our overall health and well-being. 

In a recent article," The Value of Designing Healthy Workplaces," Gensler architect and managing partner, Joseph Brancato points out:

"Well-being at work is the next frontier (in Wellness), and it is becoming an increasingly

important issue facing corporations...Unhealthy workplaces (drab and outdated

interiors, artificial lighting, low air quality) are not only depressing to behold, they

constitute a significant financial strain- research indicates that healthy employees

are 3 times more productive than unhealthy employees..."

Look around YOUR work environment (whether a corporate office space, or a "remote" home office) and really notice what surrounds you feel motivated, energized, comfortable in your office space?


Or is it time to "Consciously Create" a refreshed,  energetically balanced, Healthy Work Environment which promotes excitement, motivation, addition to feelings of Well-Being and Synergy?

SYNERGY BY DESIGN creates inspiring, focus-driven work spaces to best support and motivate employees,

resulting in increased efficiency, creativity, and productivity.

In my Synergy By Design program:

  • I work with you to uncover "out of sync" elements which may be hindering focus, creativity, motivation, and productivity in the working environment. 

  • I help you create a healthier space with customized solutions based on "human-centered" design and Feng Shui principles.

  • Often small  design "adjustments"  can result in significant positive shifts in how we work, focus, and innovate in our daily work spaces (in the traditional office, or in remote home-based offices.)


  • The result of creating work spaces with Synergy By Design? 

      "Ordinary" work spaces will be transformed into motivating, energetically aligned                          Environments which promote Synergy and increased productivity .

Contact me to schedule a Discovery Session, where we can discuss your specific situation, needs, goals, and questions. I look forward to connecting with you!


Donna Hunnicutt, MBA

Spatial Wellness and Feng Shui Expert




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