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What is Space Clearing & Why Use it?

As a Feng Shui Consultant/Environmental Healer who is also a Realtor, I am often asked about the subject of Space Clearing, and how and why to perform a Space Clearing, both for properties for sale, and for homes with new owners. Space “Clearing” is different from house-cleaning or de-cluttering your space, although Space Clearing can be described as a very deep Energetic Cleaning/Cleansing of your home.

To understand how Space Clearing works, we must acknowledge that all spaces have energetic qualities which affect the people living in them. Feng Shui holds that Every Thing in and around us- our bodies, our things, surroundings and “stuff”, our pets, plants, houses and buildings- all consist of pure Energy, in the form of physical matter. The Energy which is in and around us is either positive or negative, Yin or Yang, balanced or unbalanced. Ideally, the goal in Feng Shui is to have “balanced” Energies flowing gently, easily, and consistently in our homes, which allows us to literally Relax our Mind, Body and Soul.

Energetically, everything that has ever happened in a space is imprinted, on a subtle level, in our physical surroundings- in the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, and the objects, plants, animals and people who live there. Negative experiences such as illness, death, divorce, financial stress, and relationship issues all leave energetic imprints in the spaces where they occur. (As well, happy experiences leave smiles in spaces, which allows for positive energetic flow and the feeling of lightness- we can palpably feel the difference between happy and sad places when we spend time in them.)

These imprints accumulate over time, and if not cleared, the negative energetic residue becomes stuck and stagnant, blocking the way for clean, balanced and positive energy to flow through the space…Imagine what your home would look like if it had never physically been cleaned since the time it was built… This same image applies to the “unseen” Energies in your space as well- dirty, dusty, yucky trapped “stuff” which needs to be cleaned! On a subconscious or conscious level, we tend to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, and out of sorts when this negative “predecessor energy” accumulates in spaces.

Space Clearing allows for the cleaning and clearing out of these energetic blockages so the energy literally “shifts and lifts” and the space becomes tangibly lighter, brighter, and happier. A Space Clearing is a process, an energetic clean-out, a releasing of toxic, stagnant energies which are replaced with new, refreshed, and enlightened ones.

There are many methods of Space Clearing, but my signature Serenity By Design Space Clearings incorporate the 5 Elements of Feng Shui (Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood, and Water) , sounds ( beautiful Tibetan Ting-Sha bells), sea salt (absorbs the negative stuff!), meditation (to ask & focus on allowing the old to exit and the new to come in), fresh air (to let the old stuff out), Essential oils (to cleanse, purify and uplift Energies), and candles (to burn away the negative) process includes “stirring up” stagnant energies, acknowledging them, then asking and allowing them to be released and replaced with clean, new, fresh Chi. I personally Space Clear my own home several times a year, just to be sure I don’t let any potential “bad” mojo accumulate in the nooks and crannies!

Space Clearing is an essential real estate tool when buying or selling a home... buyers can feel “it” when a property has a stagnant, heavy energy, and does not feel like a “home”… Space Clearing will wipe away negative energetic imprints, and infuse your home with a welcoming, happier, lighter Energy that says Welcome Home!

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