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In my Feng Shui practice, I often have clients who are new to the concepts of Energy and how it relates to our environment. I decided it would be helpful to have a Basic Feng Shui Glossary available to my clients and whoever might be interested, so here is the start of my "Feng Shui Speak" blog!

I will be covering basic Feng Shui terminology, as defined by me, smile--as there are many different definitions for the same words and concepts in Feng Shui...So here is your Feng Shui Glossary as defined by Serenity by Design!

Alignment- refers to our Environment supporting, enhancing, and encouraging us in the direction of our goals and desires. Feng Shui works to align our environment with our inner selves, our goals, and our life path. A main goal of Feng Shui is to create personal Alignment in our spaces.

Auspicious- In Feng Shui, this is the word for “ultimately”: lucky, blessed, happy, joyful…(Serenity By Design likes to think of this as : AWE-inspiring, AWE-SOME!! We aim for Auspiciousness/Awesomeness in all areas of our Life!)

Bagua Map-The Bagua Map in Feng Shui shows how energy flows and "pools" in a space. Each "gua" or section of the map correlates to a specific area of our life, and by using certain Feng Shui design techniques, colors, and elements, we can enhance those life guas which we want to energize, activate, or even calm.

Chi (also Qi)- the life-force energy in all things, people and movement in and around us, seen and unseen. Chi = Energy

Chi Enhancers- objects and colors that help move and enhance Energy flow- wind chimes, crystals, mirrors, water features, garden art/mobiles, plants/animals, objects found in Nature are examples of Chi Enhancers.

Clutter- a type of Energy Block, can be physical and/or mental. Clutter stagnates Energy flow, and prevents moving forward in the direction of our desires and dreams. Physical Clutter is Chaotic to look at, and seeing Clutter makes our Minds Chaotic, so we often feel overwhemed by Clutter and tend to procrastinte in de-cluttering our spaces because we just can't deal with it. See DE-Cluttering!

Compass Method- the school of Feng Shui which focuses on the direction of things to determine the quality of Energy flow.

Conscious Design- becoming Aware of what we bring into our spaces, both physically and energetically, and creating environments that reflect who we are, what we love, and what we represent- all are part of Conscious Design and Conscious Living.

Cure- in Feng Shui, cures are ways to correct, help, and enhance energy to flow more efficiently. Cures tend to be physical, symbolic things placed in spaces, such as wind chimes, crystals, red envelopes, coins- all of which can affect the energy in the area they are placed. Intention also can play a major role with cures, as our thoughts around a “thing” will influence the energetic vibration in a space. Example: placing coins in a red envelope in the Wealth area of the Bagua energetically symbolizes money coming in.

De-Clutter- to un-do the Clutter we have created, to organize, to get rid of things we don't love, in order to make space in our environments (and our minds) for fresh, new Energy to enter. De-Cluttering is challenging, but necessary in Feng Shui for balance, harmony, and change to occur.

Energy Block- can be either a physical energetic block, such as a piece of furniture, a tree, or anything in the way of Energy flow in a space; or can also be an emotional Energetic block which has formed in our minds which prevents us from obtaining our desires or our goals. Both types of Blocks are addressed in Feng Shui, with the goal of creating Balance and Happiness in our Spaces.

Feng Shui-Feng Shui is, essentially, the art and study of how our external environment affects us internally, and vice-versa. Literally, the translation of Feng Shui is Wind and Water- which symbolize the seen and unseen forces of Nature.

Five Element Theory- Chinese tradition holds that there are five elements, which are thought of as the building blocks of energy and Life itself. The 5 Elements of Nature are Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood …these 5 Elements surround us, are in us, and are represented by everything around us. We feel most comfortable in spaces with all 5 Elements present, and in Balance. Elements are present in their physical form and are also represented symbolically in shapes, colors, artwork, and materials.

Form Method- the school of Feng Shui which focuses on how Energy flows around forms (vs. direction/compass)- which can be nature formations such as mountains and water, as well as forms such as furniture and buildings. (Serenity By Design uses this method of Feng Shui.)

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