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Why Feng Shui?

There is an ancient Chinese Proverb which goes like this:

When there is Light in the Soul, there is Beauty in the Person.

When there is Beauty in the Person,there is Harmony in the House.

When there is Harmony in the House, there is Honor in the Nation.

When there is Honor in the Nation, there is Peace in the World.

In this time of insane, unfathomable global violence, these words express exactly why "Feng Shui" is a powerful, needed Practice in our world.

Feng Shui looks at how perfect Nature is, and invites Her into our Spaces. Feng Shui calls for us to be aware, conscious, and "awake" to what, and who, we bring into our environments, both physically and emotionally. Feng Shui, at it's essence, is about Energies- Light versus Dark, Yin versus Yang, Positive versus Negative. The goal of Feng Shui is to always create Positive Chi, Positive Energy Flow, Light where there was Dark. And although our world is full of polar opposites, as is inherent in Nature, a goal of Feng Shui is to have BALANCE... BALANCED Energy, flowing easily and gently through our lives, at the middle of the spectrum- not too fast, and not too slow, but just right.

When our environments flow with balanced energies, our souls and minds tend to follow suit. We feed our minds with what is surrounding us-not only in our physical space, but also with the people, the books, the media, and the "noise" around us.

Feng Shui is not the answer to our current World "dis-Order"- but perhaps if each and every Soul could have THE Light, hence Beauty, which would create Harmony in every Home, resulting in Honor in every Nation- Then, and ONLY then can there truly be PEACE in the World.

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