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       The practical online course designed to transform

       your living space from mundane and uninspiring into

A Tranquil Home Sanctuary  

         for Renewing and Relaxing the Mind, Body, and Soul

  • Do you crave more Peace, Balance and Order in your life?

  • Does your living space suffer from "Organized Chaotic Clutter" Syndrome

        which just won’t go away?

  • Do you feel a disconnect with your home, but can’t figure out exactly why, or

       how to fix it?

 If you are like me, and like many busy,


We are all so busy these days…it is the new normal…constantly on the go, trying to be three places at once, literally being available 24/7 thanks to our indispensable technology. We are trying to accomplish so much in our daily lives, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do it all… So we often end up feeling stressed, unorganized, unfocused, exhausted, physically "un-well"… and quite simply, “out of synch.”


And who wouldn’t  love to be able to come home after a hectic day, and just Relax- but because you have been busy running to and fro in your daily routine, who has the time or energy to clear the clutter, clean, organize, tidy up, or create that “ideal home” which we all crave and dream about : that idyllic, peaceful Sanctuary which invites us to  Rejuvenate and Refresh… in mind, body, and soul… which is really what “Home” is meant to do. 


 Instead, we find that not only do we feel emotionally out of balance, but we also physically experience this, in our surroundings…The Clutter, the organized chaos, the unfinished projects- all are the physical manifestations of our hectic lifestyles.  Like a mirror, our external environment reflects what is going on with us internally- All The Time, whether we are aware of it or not!


"The field of mind-body studies includes research on the relationship between our surroundings and our health. Studies show that a healthy and pleasing environment (like plants in your office, or a treasured photograph on the wall) can do more than simply improve your mood--it can actually affect your immune system and physical health."- University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing

With such powerful research on the relationship between our surroundings and our health and well-being, the question becomes, HOW do we create a more "pleasing" environment   which radiates more balance, peace, lightness, and overall well-being in our lives?

The  most logical place to start is in the space where we spend the most time- our home-and learn how to                       transform it into  a mindful and  “Conscious Environment” which supports, nurtures, calms, and relaxes us, and which is energetically balanced and aligned with our life direction and environment which can actually positively influence our physical health...a place we can truly be happy to Come Home to.


 And when this “new”, Serene, Home Sweet Home makes us Smile, we become happier and more relaxed in life- emotionally, spiritually, energetically.  Almost magically, our moods improve, and we begin to flow through our days with more energy, ease, balance, and grace. And we hear our hearts singing with Joy each time we enter our Home Sanctuary!




Hello, my name is Donna Hunnicutt, and I have been there!  I struggled for years, with only moderate success, to create a calming, serene, clutter-free home of my own where I could truly Relax and Revive.  Although comfortable and “cozy”, my living spaces never felt “quite right”…I had too much stuff,  but couldn’t let go of my possessions…I felt a nagging sense of being energetically stuck in several areas of my life, but couldn’t pinpoint why, or how to fix it.


Then, serendipitously, I found a Life-Altering Solution which transformed my house into a Home Sanctuary, and magically sparked inspiration and motivation for me to make some needed changes in my life.


I discovered Feng Shui, the enlightening and uplifting Art and Study of how and why elements in our external Environment affect us on many levels- emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and physically.


 As I learned and applied Feng Shui principles to my own home, I understood why this Ancient Art has stood the test of time…  My home seemed to come alive, and relax into itself, and it invited me to relax as well.  I felt calmer, more centered, more aligned with my goals and dreams. Positive shifts began to happen, and I literally felt uplifted and energized…I finally felt “in flow” with my life.


As a Certified Feng Shui Expert for over 15 years, I have helped hundreds of clients, near and far,to create Change in their Lives by creating Change in their Environments.


Using Feng Shui principles as a guide, I help clients uncover the often hidden imbalances in their surroundings which quietly impact their daily lives, frequently with negative results.  Once these are discovered, we work to re-create a “Conscious Environment”- a personalized, mindfully curated, balanced, happy, and energetically aligned Home Sanctuary in which to Live, Love, and Enjoy Life!


Unfortunately, the inspiring Art of Feng Shui is often misunderstood as a complicated, mystical, and “woo-woo” way to decorate your home, in addition to being something you must “believe in”… Feng Shui is not a belief system. It is simply The Healing Art, Science, and Study of Our Environment and how it impacts us on a daily basis.


Many well-meaning books, articles, and websites offer confusing information and impractical, not-so-decorative ideas around Feng Shui… (Seriously, stacking jugs of water in a closet is simply not the most practical, beautiful, or logical solution to bring the Water Element into a room!)  Add in the Urban Myths about Feng Shui folkloric “cures”, and it is no wonder many question the “validity” of this Ageless Healing Art.


The truth is, when Feng Shui is explained in a clear and practical manner, it becomes obvious why this it has been used for centuries, in many (if not all) cultures, to design balanced, healing and energetically supportive living spaces.


Feng Shui can transform not only how our environment looks and feels,  but it can also transform how we "flow" and journey through our daily lives...Feng Shui can help us Be Our Best, Everyday!

Are you:

  • Embarrassed to have friends over because of all your clutter in every space in your home?

  • Frustrated because you just can't deal with the chaos of the clutter, and you can't (or won't!) find the time to finally just take care of it?

  • Exhausted just looking at or thinking about the stuff taking up space in your home?

  • Feeling emotionally, physically, spiritually, and energetically Stuck and Stagnant in areas of your Life?

  • Ready to invite positive change, energy, and all kinds of exciting possibilities into your Life?

What if:

  • You could feel completely relaxed, recharged, and refreshed in your home?

  • You could easily eliminate your clutter?

  • You could create Space, physically and energetically, for the things, experiences, and people you want in your life?

  • Your heart sang with Joy and Gratitude every time you entered your home?


All of this is VERY possible, NOW!


I am proud to announce the debut of my Virtual Feng Shui Learning Experience : “Infuse Your Life with Balance and Happiness: Create a Serene Home with The Healing Art of Feng Shui.”


This transformative online Feng Shui Learning Experience is offered in 6 learning modules, released one at a time weekly, over a 6 week time period.  Each fun and engaging module includes video, guides, downloadable tools, and practical tips and suggestions so you can easily begin to integrate Feng Shui into your environment. In addition, you will have access to a private Facebook community to share information, experiences, and questions- which I will answer throughout the course.


As you are guided through each module, you will experience surprising insights and AHA moments about not only your living spaces, but about many facets of your everyday life:

-you will experience more awareness about the energies in and around you.

-you will discover that you can live, and thrive, with much less “stuff” than you think you can, and that Less is truly More.

- you will learn how to craft your own beautiful  space which not only “feels good”, but which will allow you to flow through your daily life with more ease, grace, and ultimately, happiness.



Welcome to Your Transformative Feng Shui Experience!


Here is your Guide to Your online Learning Experience:

 “Infuse Your Home with Balance and Happiness:Create A Serene Home with The Healing Art of Feng Shui”


MODULE 1: Welcome to The Healing and Empowering World of Feng Shui

Having a basic working knowledge of the history, concepts, and benefits is key to “de-mystifying” Feng Shui and understanding it’s  modern applications to our living spaces.

In this first Module, we will review:

  • The Top 5 Myths Around Feng Shui

  • The Feng Shui Primer, Cliff-note Style

  • The Big Picture: The Why of Feng Shui

  • The Big Wow: Seeing Your Home with 20/20 Feng Shui Vision


  • Feng Shui Cheat Sheet to easily reference terminology, definitions, and   concepts

  • Energy Tracker Tool to help you recognize, identify, and decipher the “seen and unseen” physical and subliminal Energies in your home

  • Feng Shui Benefits Guide, a reminder of What is Possible when you Consciously and Intentionally Create your Home Sanctuary

MODULE 2:  Clutter: Tackling The Beast

By the end of this module, you will understand why Clutter is the number one Feng Shui Faux Pas, and you will be motivated to “Let It Go to Create Flow.”


You know it isn’t “good energy”, but you just can’t seem to get a handle on your ever-increasing “stuff”, which is making you feel chaotic and overwhelmed…this is the manifestation of Clutter, and it is more common than not in our material-driven society. We Tackle and Tame this Beast in Module 2.


We will cover:

  • Clutter defined (and It isn’t “just” what you think It is!)

  • The “Shift and Lift” Effect – how finally tackling your Clutter Beast will dramatically impact your life

  • How to Easily Create the Intention and Motivation to De-Clutter

  • The 3 Box Method to Tame Your Clutter

  • 5 Crucial Clutter-Busting Tips including how to make it FUN!



  • Clutter Busting Plan and Checklist

  • Keep or Release Power Tool to help you easily let go of the stuff that is no longer serving you

  • De-Cluttering Challenge and Progress Chart


NOTE: Because The Clutter Beast has probably invaded many areas of your home (including your garage!), you most likely will be De-Cluttering throughout the course, which is perfectly fine!   You will find that as you learn more about Feng Shui, you will naturally “clutter-clear” on a regular basis as you discover how Energy positively “shifts & lifts” as you balance and change your Environment!

MODULE 3- Bring Mother Nature In with The 5 Elements

By the end of this Module, you will be able to easily integrate the 5 Elements of Nature into your space, create a nurturing, balanced, and feel-good home environment.


You will learn:

  • Why the 5 Elements of Nature are key tools in Feng Shui design

  • How to identify each of the 5 Elements in form, color, and other qualities

  • The  5 x 2 Method of Balancing the Elements

  • Simple and creative design ideas to integrate and balance the 5 Elements into your spaces



  • Bring Nature In 5 Element Identifier and Checklist

  • The 5 x2 Elemental Balancing Power Tool



MODULE 4: The Yin/Yang of It All

By the end of this Module, you will be able to apply Yin/Yang theory to create a calming and gently flowing Energy throughout your living space.


Module 4 covers the fascinating topic of Yin and Yang, which is about how All Things in Nature are related, connected, inter-connected, complementary, and opposite, all at the same time.


You will Learn:

  • How to identify Yin and Yang characteristics in Nature, our surroundings, and in our Selves

  • How to Balance The Opposite Energies of Yin and Yang

  • Strategies to Calm the Energies in our overly Yang Lives

  • Where To Yin, Where To Yang- A Room by Room Guide for optimal good-feeling flow



  • Yin/ Yang Energy Identifier Tool

  • It’s All About Balance Guide- Yin Yang Solutions for Our Spaces and Our Souls

  • Room by Room Yin/Yang Guide

MODULE 5: The Treasure Map of Your Space:

 The Magical Bagua

By the end of this module, you will know how to apply the Bagua Map to your specific floorplan to discover the 8 key Energetic areas of your home, and how to integrate the  Feng Shui tools you have gathered to align these areas with your personal goals and intentions.


Module 5 covers the “Magical” Energetic Map of your home, known as the Bagua Map, which reflects (often quite literally) what is occurring in corresponding segments of one’s overall Life.  This module is bound to have A-HA moments for you when you discover where your Life areas are located in your home!


We will cover:

  • How to “ Bagua” your floorplan

  • Discover where the Energy of Wealth & Prosperity, Relationships, and other key areas of Life “reside” in your home

  • How to Unlock your Blocks and Consciously Create Powerful Shifts in Your Life using the Bagua Map as your Guide

  • The Soulful Home-Express Your Unique, Creative Personality with the Bagua



  • Bagua Treasure Map Template

  • Sample floorplan with Bagua Map overlay- to guide you on how to position the Bagua over your floorplan

  • Unlock Your Blocks Guide- The Keys to Effectively Integrate Feng Shui Tools and Your Personal Intentions to Create Empowering Changes in your Life


Module 6:  The End is Your New Beginning- Reflections on Your Feng Shui Journey

In this Wrap-up Module, we will review and reflect on the tools and processes of your Feng Shui Journey, which has really just begun!


 This final module will provide a review of all the Feng Shui tools we have put to work over the past weeks, how they all relate and work together to bring balance, harmony, and an overall feeling of Happiness and Well- Being into your home, which is now Your Sanctuary.



Live Conference Call (60-90 minutes) to discuss:

  • Reflections on what has changed, manifested, or shifted in your life since applying Feng Shui to your Environment

  • How Gratitude and Universal Law relate to Feng Shui and how to integrate them into your Feng Shui Journey 

  • Additional Key Feng Shui Tips

  • Additional Energetic Adjustment Techniques to Uplift or Calm a Space

  • How to continue with your Feng Shui Journey



  • Chi Enhancers/Activators Guide

  • Additional Tips Guide





1. For the first 10 people to register, you will receive a Bonus 30 minute One-on-One Feng Shui Coaching  call with me  after the course, to discuss your personal Feng Shui challenges, questions, or experiences. 

2. Upon registering, you will receive a PDF download of my Guide: "The Clutter Beast: Why You Have It and Ways To Tame It" (with eye-opening insights into the psychology and health effects of excess "stuff" in our spaces!)


Are you ready to experience an up-leveling of energy in your environment, which would

       allow you to flow more easily, happily, and gracefully through your Life’s Journey?


Your Feng Shui Experience Awaits You!  It is as Simple as 1,2, or 3!


1. Click here to register for:

The 6 Week Virtual Learning Experience, “Infuse Your Life with Balance and Happiness: How to Create A Serene Home with The Healing Art of Feng Shui”


*BONUS:  Week 6 will include an interactive online Conference Chat in which we will review, share, and reflect on the tools and processes of your Feng Shui Journey.


2.  Click here if :

You want The 6 week Virtual Learning Experience PLUS

A one-on-one 60 minute Feng Shui Coaching call with me, any time after the 6 week Experience, to discuss any Feng Shui-related questions you may have about your personal space. 



3.  Click here if:

You want to Infuse Happiness and Balance into your Life , NOW, with The Serenity By Design Virtual Feng Shui Consultation Package !

  • Includes: up to 3 hour Comprehensive Virtual Feng Shui Consultation, 2  30- minute follow-up Feng Shui Coaching calls, and personal Pinterest board for specific suggestions for your home. (see FAQS for details)




Donna- I want to say how much I enjoyed your (Feng Shui) presentation today... I’m sure you hear this a lot as you were remarkably clear and concise and made such an interesting hour fly by.  Have to admit I was curious (about Feng Shui) and expected some "weird" info, but your whole approach was quite the opposite.  I was trying to relay to my husband last night and this morning how practical, common-sense and functional the subject matter was..  Thank you for a new view on "things".          - C.M, Risk Management, City of Huntington Beach, CA.  













Donna-just a note to thank you for teaching us how to apply Feng Shui to our new home... it has made a huge difference for us! We are seeing how your life is "influenced" when you have a neat, organized and flowing house. we recently  had a few friends over-they all mentioned how comfortable the house felt, even though, we have pretty rigid, contemporary furniture that is usually a little bit harder to make comfortable, but somehow the principles of Feng Shui seem to really work! Thank you!

- N.D., Laguna Beach, CA.

(more testimonials coming!)


I hope my online learning experience resonates with you, but just in case it doesn’t, I offer a 14 day grace period for you to decide …Just email me on or before xxxxx date for a full refund.

What happens next:

Once you click the above button, you will be taken to my secure checkout area…After your registration is complete, you will receive an email receipt. Next, your log-in information will be sent to the email you provided at registration



  • Do I need to have “Asian” style décor to Feng Shui? I don’t want my home to look like a Chinese restaurant!

And I don’t want that either!  Although it has its roots in Ancient China, ANY “style” can work with Feng Shui!  My focus is on helping you create an elementally and energetically balanced space, regardless of what type or style of décor you choose.


  • I don’t have a big budget- will I need to purchase new furniture and décor?

In short, NO! Many clients find they already  have items which can bring in Feng Shui balance, but they are not in the “right” places…


  • Can I really learn Feng Shui online?

Absolutely!   With my unique, comprehensive yet easily understandable approach, I will guide you through the concepts, tools, and techniques of Feng Shui ,with abundant  tips to easily implement what you learn into your home for immediate energy enhancement!

The weekly online Modules are chock-full of content, and delivered in the same manner as my live workshops- in a very down-to-earth, practical, fun, common-sensical way!  (Disclosure: You actually get more content online than in my live workshops, but shhhh!)


  • I live in a small apartment , don’t I need to have an actual house to “Feng Shui”?

Absolutely not! Feng Shui can be applied to any space, regardless of size, location, whether you rent or own…you can Feng Shui your yard, your office cubicle, your bedroom, and even your desk!  Feng Shui is about arranging a specific Environment for maximum balance, flow, and ultimately, happiness…so in reality, any and every “space” around us can benefit from being “feng shui’d”!


  • What if I just want your Feng Shui analysis of my home, without taking the course, can I do this?

Yes, you can- With Skype, video, email, and smartphones, it has never been easier to help my geographically distant clients create their Happy Homes via my Serenity By Design Virtual Feng Shui Consultations!  I email you what I need from you prior to our Consultation, just as I do for my local clients.  I work with you face-to-face ( via skype or smartphone) as  we literally walk through your space for your personalized Consultation, and you receive follow up and guidance from me afterwards- simple, fun, customized,  and effective!

Thank YOU for breaking down the Feng Shui concepts in such a concise, easy to understand and interesting format !!! 
I'm writing to you because I  worked with you a couple years ago, and your suggestions in moving certain BIG pieces of furniture,( that I LOVED but which weren't  quite in the "right" spaces) made an enormous difference in my home.
You came over suggesting I just switch their locations and... wa la !!!! 
I had been living with them so long as they were, knowing something didn't "feel" right but couldn't "see" through my own eyes. The energy immediately changed in the 2 rooms :)
Also, thank you for  the idea of adding "fire" color around my home. I tend to be monochromatic, as that is very soothing, but when I took your suggestion to add a splash of color in certain areas, THAT space came alive and was "fun" !!!
I'm so glad I found YOU and I can't express how grateful I am to You and your expertise.  V.V.- Laguna Niguel, CA

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