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I have called on Donna for several “challenging” listings, and each time, her Feng Shui and Space Clearing techniques WORKED!!  One high-end property had been on the market for over 2 years with various agents, and when I got the listing, the sellers were concerned with some “negative energy” issues they felt were present in the home…Donna did a Space Clearing in the house, and the owners came home and noticed that everything seemed to be sparkling clean, shiny, and revitalized, and the house felt “better”. ..I opened a successful escrow within a few days of the Space Clearing!  I am a “Believer”! Thank you, Donna!
-Nora Gallogly, Keller Williams Realtor,Mission Viejo
 Our sales and marketing department hired Donna Hunnicutt for a Feng Shui workshop.  She was very knowledgeable and I walked away with many tips to share with my buyers and to use at home.  I also have a better understanding of Feng Shui and look forward to working with Donna more in the future as our Feng Shui advisor.”- Sr Designer, Award Winning New Home Builder
Donna- I want to say how much I enjoyed your (Feng Shui) presentation today... I’m sure you hear this a lot as you were remarkably clear and concise and made such an interesting hour fly by.  Have to admit I was curious (about Feng Shui) and expected some "weird" info, but your whole approach was quite the opposite.  I was trying to relay to my husband last night and this morning how practical, common-sense and functional the subject matter was... I have raved to quite a few friends about your great presentation and am passing your contact info and website.  Again, thank you for the new view on things.                                           
 - C.M, Risk Management, City of Huntington Beach, CA.  
 Dear Donna-Thank you so much for your help in the staging of 34 San Simeon! You transformed this property from a house to a home in such a short amount of time.  I know our clients were very pleased with the end result, and SO impressed that the home sold within the first week of hitting the market! The McGuire Team truly appreciates your dedication and professionalism throughout the process.  I look forward to working with you on future projects and selling our client’s homes faster than they ever anticipated!-Lori McGuire &The McGuire Team of ReMax, Laguna Niguel, CA.        

I am a true believer in what you do!
After your Feng Shui consultation and space clearing of my home, I got a credit card solicitation for a zero annual fee, low-moderate interest rate card.  I applied expecting to be declined, as I've had some credit issues... I was approved with a VERY high credit limit!! They had no business approving me but, I am very grateful.  And, this is the best one of all.  Sit down.  I received a totally unexpected direct deposit in my checking account of close to $5,000.  I have yet to receive an explanation (letter); but, I know now who it is from and have an idea what it is for; but, even at that, it is several months early.  Unbelievable!   I am so relieved I could cry.  When I went to the ATM this morning to deposit two rebate checks on my way to work I saw my balance and almost passed out.  You do fabulous work.  Expect your phone to start ringing off the hook.  I'm telling everyone I know about you!!
A Heartfelt Thank You,
-C.M., Laguna Niguel, CA. 
Hi Donna! Just wanted to thank you for our Feng Shui consultation.  I can't believe how effective it has been on just a few areas.  I think we have taken a wonderful step in the right direction.  I have "fixed" our Master bath and it feels great.  A really cool deep red throw rug and a wonderful vase with beautiful arching branches reaching toward the ceiling make a BIG difference.  Thank you for being the start of a new beginning for us!    -N & J, Orange Co, CA. 
Donna-It is so great how you taught us to apply Feng Shui to our new home...  it has  made a huge  difference for us! It further influences your life when you have a neat organized and flowing house.  My birthday was earlier this month and we finally had a few friends over-they all mentioned how comfortable the house felt, even though, we have pretty rigid, contemporary furniture that is usually a little bit harder to make comfortable, but somehow the principles of Feng Shui seem to really work!  Thank you!     -  N.D., Laguna Hills, CA.
Donna was excellent in Feng Shui design, knowledge, and service. Thanks for the referral! I am already getting compliments on the changes I have made that she suggested. I will recommend Donna for others, she can advise both businesses and homes-A.B., Carlsbad, CA.
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